Earth Expressions is not for profit organization that curates communications surrounding creative efforts for mitigating climate change.

Through our website, events, and media projects, we are building a community around creativity and climate change. By bringing people together, inspiring each other, and archiving our creative efforts, we can work together to achieve a sustainable future.

About Our Team

Each of our team members brings a special set of skills to eARTh expressions seeking to make climate change content engaging and inspiring. Our interdisciplinary collaboration is what makes our team unique and dynamic. We work collaboratively in curating, developing, and publishing the media pieces for the eARTh expressions platform. Our team allows us to approach climate change from several different perspectives and put forth this here on the eARTh expressions’ platform.

Who are we?

Kathleen Deck

Kathleen is digital art and new media artist focusing on environmental issues. She is completing her MFA degree in June and hopes to continue her passion of building interactive experiences in which individuals can further understand the impacts of climate change. Her skills and expertise include interactive work, audio and video production, website building and maintenance, coding, and design. Kathleen is well connected in the environmental art scene and has curated many of the artists on our list. She acts as our digital art manager and tech consultant. Kathleen is incredibly passionate about communicating climate change and is so excited to be apart of the creation of eARTh expressions.

Amelia Unsicker

Amelia is an artist, teacher, mover, dreamer, and environmentalist. Her MFA thesis piece was Carbon Footprint: Watch Your Step, which premiered in May  of 2016 at UCI’s Experimental Media Performance Laboratory (xMPL). Amelia’s thesis research, Using Dance to Communicate Issues of Climate Change, explores how renowned choreographers have effectively created works regarding social, political, and cultural issues. Amelia has used her research to choreograph concerts that poetically interprets the challenges of climate change. With eARTh expressions, she hopes to continue this arch of work, in making work that promotes environmental change. We are lucky to have Amelia acting as our creative arts coordinator.

Shirene Misif

An Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at UCSC, is interested in climate activism. She has worked on countless projects, while at UCSC, including acting as lead project manager and data analyst on the IDEASS project (2017-’18) – Trash Toss, an android app designed to educate students and the community on proper waste, recycling and composting practices in the City of Santa Cruz. She has extensive experience with communication and outreach to students, schools, and the community. Additionally, she was responsible for keeping up-to-date real time data on scrap materials, municipality practices and current recycling practices. Shirene established a strong working relationship with Leslie O’Malley and the Dimeo Lane MRF supervisors. She has experience managing a team and will ensure tasks/milestones are met, and completed on time. Shirene acts as our research lead and community outreach coordinator for eARTh expressions. 

Grecia Salazar

Grecia is a second year Art and Design Games and Playable Media major at UCSC. She has a passion for designing art that will impact others. Her technical skills and knowledge of the Processing coding language, programming, and user experience design will help this project. In the past, she has worked on the Enviro-Envision interactive installation art piece, helping design the interface and code the interactive aspects. She is currently working for UCSC doing graphic and web design. Grecia’s art practice consists of game making, including designing board and digital games. Grecia is in charge of website and interactive coding, making sure that the media projects reach a wide audience.

Interested in Joining Us?

Get in touch, if you are interested in joining forces, collaborating, or joining the team!

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